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It’s got you
It won’t let go
It’s glued on
It’s a tenacious hold
It’s laughing at you
It’s mocking you
It thinks it has won

It’s wrong

Take mini steps to fight
Take it seriously
Take support that’s offered
Take it graciously
Take advice on board
Take it right within
Take a deep breath

You will win

Take time to rest
Take time to heal
Take time to relax
Take time for meals
Take time to laugh
Take time to cry
Take time for yourself

You will survive

Remember to fight
Remember the gain
Remember the insight
Remember yourself
Remember others
Remember laughter
Remember joy

Give praise

Enjoy the sunrise
Enjoy the new day
Enjoy rain and the rainbow
Enjoy clouds and their shapes
Enjoy the wide, open landscapes
Enjoy the unexpected
Enjoy those who love you

Give thanks

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

No one escapes pain, fear and suffering. Yet from pain can come wisdom, from fear can come courage, from suffering can come strength – if we have the virtue of resilience. ~ Eric Greitens (Resilience)


Life should be full of rosy hues

Sunshine and laughter

To ward away the blues

Sunkissed mornings at first light

Glorious sunsets at close of night

Happy times midst nature’s seasons

From fire lights dancing

And moonbeams streaming

To fragile webs decked with dew

Like diamond garlands for all to view

Flowers swaying to a gentle breeze

Leaden with nectar for honey bees

Insects about on their gossamer wings

While all around they buzz and sing

Like a chorus in effortless flight

Reflecting nature in dawning light

Dappled sunbeams peeping through

Carpeting the ground in colourful hue

A scene that portrays a peaceful theme

Languid, picturesque, quiet and serene


© Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

It is hard not to stand in awe and enchantment with the beauty in which nature expresses herself.                                                                                                          ~Steve Maraboli

I will admit, I’m not very confident with my poems, so if you do like them, please comment and let me know.

Disclaimer: Two of the photos are my own work. My sincere thanks go to the photographers of the web and the dragonfly.

The Drover And His Dog

This is a poem I had written sometime back and it is about the daily, working, life of a drover/shepherd and his dog. I am sure there are times when the simple routine would be more appealing than the frenetic life many of us lead.

Noun – A drover is someone whose job or occupation is to make sheep or cattle move from one place to another in groups.


He sits before the flickering fire

The drover with his trusty dog

Under the endless, starlit night

Stealing warmth from blackened logs


His work-worn hardened hands

Labour tirelessly from dawn to dusk

Herding his flock over rocks and land

To earn his meagre, daily crust


The sheep, they know his unspoken commands

And his faithful companion’s bark

Their aimless, bodies huddle or move

And graze from morn till dark


Day is done when he settles down

Neath the stars and the hound who parks

His weary body upon the ground

And beside the wind swept sparks


Gazing up at the velvet expanse

This man of simple needs

Savours silence over the darkened land

With blessed contentment indeed


(C) Wendy Robinson September 2015 All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: My thanks go to the various photographers for these shots of the drover and the working dogs.

If you have any comment, I would love to hear it.

Phoenix Arise

This is dedicated to two of my friends who are going through tough times and also for all those who need encouragement. For JC and JF: Please remember: Your heart is big and your spirit is even bigger.

When the chips are down and you’re feeling low

When the tide turns and you’re being towed

When the world is against you and your spirit burns

When you hit rock bottom and there’s nowhere to turn

Look deep within you to draw from your soul

Seek strength and solace and make it your goal

To rise above the hurt, pain and tears

And face the world despite your fears

This is the step and the leap you will take

To heal your broken spirit and the heart break

Remember, the rainbow in its glorious hues

Only after rain and storm, appears on cue

To renew your spirit and grace the skies

While you, like the mythical Phoenix, will rise


© Wendy Robinson All rights reserved

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. ~Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh (by A.A. Milne)

Disclaimer: My thanks go to the artist of the above image.

I would love to hear your comment. Please feel free to do so.


Love’s Gamble


A Valentine Day’s Post: This is in special honour of J & A and all those who fear the courtship ritual of making the first move. It took J ten years (yes, you’ve read it correctly) before he plucked up the courage to even ask the beautiful A out.

I personally found it endearing and touching that it took J (who sang bass in the same choir as A) so long to pluck up the courage to ask her for a date.

I managed to track down JR, the daughter of J & A and sent her a copy of my poem. She recently viewed the poem and listened to Kyle’s song. This is what she said: Many thanks for your beautiful, generous letter and poem. Congratulations on your blog, and Kyle’s song is lovely. It is touching to know that other people still remember Mum & Dad fondly.


We tend to say less when we need to say more

Talk about the mundane until it starts to bore

All that is hidden, all that’s left unsaid

The latency hides heartache, the fear, the dread


The weather then becomes the discussion du jour

Or the latest travel plans where it’s safe and secure

Our hearts in the meantime beat onwards regardless

Hiding unseen heartache and unfathomable stress


Do we bite the bullet, say all that’s in the heart

How do we find the strength, when do we start

Perhaps today, maybe tomorrow, or could it be never

One has to make the first move before a line is severed.


(C) Wendy Robinson All rights reserved


I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but he who conquers that fear. ~ Nelson Mandela


I hope you enjoy Kyle Richard Hudson’s  ‘Lost For Words‘ which compliments this post.

Kyle: I wrote this one about the experience we’ve all had of not being able to articulate the way we feel.

Please express your appreciation of Kyle’s work, either in the comments or on his video or better yet, subscribe to or share his video.

Thank you Kyle for sharing your song with us.

Disclaimer: My thanks go to the anonymous photographer, who has generously shared his/her online photography for gratis.

Street Life

I dream of soft sheets fragrant with sunshinehouse_sleeping

Enfolding me in a warm embrace

Life was safe and happy and endless

But now I am afraid to live and face

Another day of scrounging for food

young girls on the streets of the city young girls on the streets of the city

Or fighting for the spot that is safe

From the wind, rain, rats and roaches

How did I get to be in this place?

Will I ever forget the hard reproaches?

Or the beatings he mercilessly rains

And I’m not even his child but yours681b5a8aa699a740d4474eb363281471

How could you allow him to treat me in vain?

To wrench me from you my only haven

And cast me adrift in a sea of maelstrom

Now I’m free, yet not with you

Life is passing, I feel old and abused080815_young_girl_homeless

Lost, searching in fear and blind view

Hope has ceased, there is no more wonder

Instead, needles, pain and soulful hunger

Oh where are you who was once my mother.

(C) Wendy Robinson May 2015 All rights reserved

I wrote this poem back in May 2015. It is to honour those who face the streets on a daily basis.

According to Homelessness Australia, over 105,000 people experience homelessness every single day/night in Australia and the major cause of homelessness is family and domestic violence, followed closely by financial difficulties.

Homelessness Week in Australia, which raises awareness of all those who experience this plight, was held between 1 to 7 August this year.

World Homeless Day was on 10 October 2016.

Sometimes things happen that makes no sense at all, you ask yourself how can another person wilfully hurt another. It is more a statement of disbelief than a question.

All we can hope for is that our collective voice against the inhumanity of the few and our universal desire to live in a compassionate filled world extinguish the fire of hatred others have spawned. Let us not forsake our humanity. ~ Dodinsky (In the Garden of Thoughts)

Disclaimer: All the above from photos have been garnered from the internet. My thanks go to the respective photographers.



Meant To Be

I wrote this poem to honour my brother and his bride on their wedding day. They have said often that they were ‘meant to be’ together so I entitled this poem, ‘Meant To Be.’


This new day dawns in glorious majesty

Is this possible, to love so magically

Nothing dampens the singing heart beatswedding-rings-wallpaper1

It beats faster whenever we meet

I never knew that loves sacred gift

Is to give my life this momentous lift

I’m happy, carefree, in constant heaven

You’ve the cause and my safe haven

From all eternity, we were meant to be

I found you as you were promised to meHeartHands


Through eons and ages and in between

I knew you and you always knew me

We had to meet, it was long overdue

Universally conspired, the scene on cue

Lost in a vortex of the unknown or unseen

All’s right with the heavens and our dream

I am always yours and you are ever minesunset-hands-love-woman

In spirit and body and all things divine

We are now together and always will be

Pledged to be one for all eternity


(C) Wendy Robinson June 2016

Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.

~James C. Dobson

My Trusty iPad

I was given a little iPad and I use it all the time

It’s protected in a case that’s the colour of ruby wineiPad

I use it to play Scrabble and that other Word game

And check my many messages time and time again

I also update and download the latest offer of apps

They range from daily reminders to altered global maps

I can’t be behind the times, oh shudder, or perish the thought

Otherwise my efforts might as well be all for nought

I read the hourly news or tune into the trio “Il Voloil_volo_eurofestival-750x387

And can watch one-day cricket, or even water polo

Shazam is a dream if I need the title of a song

And the elusive artist’s name appears in under a minute long

I can explore the movie offers and buy my tickets online

Or Google questions that are puzzling or check out where to dine

My photos can be synced to albums and my tours can be planned

From a quick ferry trip to Manly or fly overseas to Japancherryblossomjapan

I can even talk to friends here or to family overseas

Everything’s on offer, it’s easy and such a breeze

Is there anything my iPad can’t do, I wonder in a daze

It’s all there, it’s magical and I’m happy and amazed

If only it could iron, wash and cook or even clean

My life would be a fairy tale, it would certainly be a dream

In fact, if it did all that and also gave birth too

I would stop in a heartbeat and happily say “I do!”

(c) Wendy Robinson January 2016

It is not what technology does to us, it is what we do to technology. Get smart with technology, choose wisely and use it in a way that benefits both you and those around you.                 ~

Disclaimer: The above photos have been garnered from the internet. My thanks go to the various photographers.

I had fun with this poem! If you enjoyed it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


To Cherish and To Love

27 women have lost their lives in domestic-related homicides in the last 12 months, in New South Wales alone. Law-enforcement officers have had to deal with over 28,000 reports of domestic violence in that period.

Domestic violence affects people of any age, social standing, race, culture or religion.white-ribbon-day

We are half way through the White Ribbon Day’s 16 days of activism.

My first poem touched on mental and psychological abuse and this poem is about physical abuse.


To Cherish and To Love

Please don’t touch me, don’t bother

I know you’re the alpha male

It has to only be your way

Or you strike and you wailwhiteRibbonImage_smallpleasestop


Belittling me so constantly

You erode my confidence

I’m never up to your standards

Yet I try without pretense


I live in fear of your wrath

You explode without cue

Your criticism and rants

Are known as verbal abusepunch


There are times when peace reigns

You’re my man, my knight

Who’d believe you could change

In a sudden twist of a knife


Do you know you hurt me

When you shove me so hard

I’m sure you don’t mean it

You’re remorseful afterward


It’s getting violent and dangerous

You’re frightening the kids

It’s just between you and me

Don’t go further than thisabuse1-454272


Do you realise you’re a bully

Picking on a child

I try to deflect your aim

While you lose it and go wild


A sign says Home sweet home

And is the placard on the wall

Our home is not a haven

It’s a cover of black pallhome-sweet-home1


We whisper when you’re around

To disturb you earns a rush

Of cusses and broken bones

When a noise disturbs the hush


They have to leave this hell

Please, oh please, please no

Please don’t use the gun

We promise we won’t go.


It’s Officer Q from homicidepledgewr

The little girl just won’t make it

The mum is a mess beside her

The brother’s been fatally hit


Baby in the cot is barely alive

The family pet fought hard

It didn’t take us long to find

The culprit hiding in the yard


The camera pans at the framed

Sign leaning all askew

Home Sweet Home, it seemed to mock

This is the 6 o’clock news!


(C) Wendy Robinson October 2015

Never believe that a few, caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have. ~ Margaret Mead

The latest domestic violence report has hit the news with the murder of an Australian mother in Florida. Link:

Disclaimer: All the above photos are courtesy of the White Ribbon Day images and other sites on the net. My thanks go to the various photographers.


Your Muse

This is written in honour of women who suffer from domestic abuse and violence and in particular for my friend Zoe. She is emerging from the shell of the person she had become, to blossom and shine through and to once again embrace the glorious woman she has always been and will continue to be.


What happened? What is love?

Is it the tingle, the rush to see each other,

The bliss of togetherness and the desire for more

Or is it the steady pace of eroding my confidenceWhite-Ribbon-Day-November-25

In a light-hearted yet relenting onslaught of your

Perceived kindness and outward caring

That all can see and wonder about

In admiration and perhaps envy?

I, who love you am left in confusion and more

And my self-image torn asunder under your

Tutelage and careful grooming to morph

Myself through your sculpting hands into

Your idea or the model of your notion

The constant sound of your voice

Instructing me in how I should present

Myself to compliment the image of

How I appear in your imagination

Your perfect muse to my pathetic

Attempt to mound myself and be your

Everlasting ideal of perfection

Even my culinary creations no

Longer please you, nor the

Outfit that earned the compliments

Of others. The invitations no longer

Arrive and my friends avoid us or shun

The call for a social gathering. PerhapsDomesticviolence

You’re right as my carefree laughter

And sense of the ridiculous are at odds


With all and anyway, I no longer find

Life amusing or entertaining

How is it your kind instructions only

Make me more useless and in following

Them, more clumsy and inept?

I creep down the stairs in strained silence

To ward off your irritation at the sight of me

Does this outfit become me? Is my hair in place?

I did not wear my mother’s necklace nor the

Lipstick that matches so well. I seem to have

Lost my way and no longer want to shop

My voice seems to irritate you as does the

Once lilting laugh that you treasured

How can I please you, I ask myself in vain.

Why am I a constant source of bother

A rash that itches to cause you undue pain

I feel so unworthy of your time and effort

And your patience is beginning to wear thin

I’m trying to please you but I no longer

Have it within me to conquer the fear

That is my constant companion

How did I get to where I am

Why am I so pathetic. I don’t deserve

Your kindness nor your attention

To detail. You surprise me at your attentivenessWhite-Ribbon-Day-Time-to-stan-860x450_c

It bewilders the pathetic person that I am

Why are you still with me?

More importantly, why am I still here?


(C) Wendy Robinson September 2015

Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it became a butterfly. ~ Proverb


White Ribbon Day began on November 25th and this Australian and international, male-led campaign will incorporate 16 days of Activism in promoting protection of and preventing domestic violence against women.

Domestic violence is often mistakenly viewed as a physical assault when it can also comprise of mental, emotional and psychological abuse. Mental abuse often erodes the confidence of the abused and robs them of their dignity and independence and they can end up questioning their self-worth as did my friend Zoe.

I would recommend reading Susan Chenery’s essay in Fury: Women Write about Sex, Power and Violence. “Still wrapped up in the glow of the ‘great love,’ you don’t know you’re in danger,” she states. A smart and educated woman, the author candidly relates about the mental and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of the handsome and charming Marco and her essay piece gives a clear account of ‘mental and emotional’ abuse.

Disclaimer: The images are from the White Ribbon Day photo gallery and my thanks go to the various photographers for their work.

Please leave and share your comment on the subject.

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