Bio: An aspiring freelance writer, my dream is to become a published author here in Australia and of course, globally. Being a people-person, I love meeting and engaging with individuals and my writing interests therefore are more inclined towards real-life people, their stories, issues and anecdotes. I do however, dabble in fiction as well. My interests and hobbies range, in no particular order, from reading (of course), writing (naturally), movies, power-walking, dancing, music (I couldn’t live without music), fashion (admittedly, my downfall!), animals, ten-pin bowling, correspondence, stage musicals, socialising, cooking, badminton, comedy shows, sci-fi, stage drama and inspirational people and their stories. Having a curiosity in practically everything, my interest is often piqued whenever I meet new people and learn what makes them tick. So do drop me a line, and if a particular post appeals to you or you can either relate to it or find it intriguing, interesting or inspiring, please let me know via the comment box. And of course, please ‘follow or subscribe,’ to my web-log if you like my style of writing. Happy reading! Wendy Robinson

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  1. Hello, Wendy! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. You sound like a wonderfully intriguing woman, and I look forward to reading your work! 🙂

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  2. Nice meeting you Wendy Robinson and may your dreams and aspirations come true. Now I know of your blog site, I will most certainly come by for good reads 😊

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  3. A pleasure to meet you. Good luck on your journey! Jx


    • Thank you James. You’re in the UK at the moment I think … where are you off to next or are you going to surprise us from your new location? Being footloose and fancy free certainly has its merits. All the best on your travels. Wendy 🙂


      • Yes, I am indeed. Been back for a couple of months, supposed to be catching up on my Indian travels (in terms of writing) but there’s just too much to write about! and even more photos to trawl through… Off to Africa next, actually. Ghana for a month initially, volunteering. Probably back in Europe for Christmas, and then… well… we’ll see. Jxx 🙂


  4. Afrika Bohemian said:

    Hi Wendy, I have just nominated you for the Blogger Recognition award; http://www.tribe53.com/?p=1691. Thank you for your support and friendship on the wired and most importantly for your beautiful words.


    • Oh my – thank you Khutsie! It’s an honour. I will check it out and respond accordingly! And thank you also for your friendship and your amazing site. I was only speaking to a friend who lived in Botswana (for two years), about you today and she has asked to read your blog. I’m sending her the link. Her sister lived there for 15 years but her sister’s husband lost his farm (destroyed by rebels I think) so they moved to Australia 12 years ago and my friend migrated here about 7 years ago. Her sister used to teach there and said she knew a lot of people so she is wondering if she knows you. Her sister’s name is Sue Liddle and my friend’s name is Alison McMurtrie.

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      • Afrika Bohemian said:

        I do not recognize the names, it will depend on where they lived etc. Thanks for the mention


  5. i’m glad i found your blog. I enjoyed reading your writings. Thanks Wendy for sharing your thoughts. Now i’m following you.


  6. Hi Wendy, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I wanted to stop by, say hello and thank you for liking a comment of mine on another blog. I just love finding new blogs by way of a like or comment and I can’t wait to read your writing. ~Steph


  7. Thanks much for the follow. I’ll be back. 🙂


  8. Hey, Wendy thanks for following my blog, I know I’m a little late in responding, but, my reading addiction was working hard this past week with several books.

    Writings jealously forced me to return to the computer after my monthly writer’s meeting.

    I will follow writers journey. 🙂


  9. Wendy!
    I have come directly reading your comment on my Post …the Smile.
    So nice of you to comment on the smile and that you have that trait of Smiling.
    That’s wonderful to have that quality, but you have not mentioned it on your About of it, I feel you can write about it here.
    Thanks for the visit, I follow you right away now.
    You may read more of my posts, I am sure you shall enjoy.


  10. I love ur blog Wendy! You are a ver great writer also! Its great u are spreeding insipiration! I really hope you follow ur dream! Much love _Moll

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  11. […] I was interviewed by my friend and fellow blogger Wendy Robinson of Wendy’s Written Words. It’s so nice to take trips down memory lane to see how far […]


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