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Question To You

I’ll preface this by admitting I will not be seen dead with rumpled clothes. 😊


Me: Could you put the iron on please?

Family member: Okay! Why? Are you going out?

Me: Just for my power-walk.

FM: Whattt?? You’re ironing your clothes just to power-walk?

Why bother? Just throw your T shirt on and go. NOBODY really cares if your clothes are rumpled or not.

Me: I CARE!!! I refuse to look like I slept in it and then got up to go for my walk.

A wise person once stated, ‘Life is much simpler when you stop explaining yourself to people and just do what works for you.

Dear Readers,

I’m interested to hear from you. Do you iron your clothes before stepping out the door or do you grab them from the ironing basket and just throw them on crushed?

Each to his own so no judgement from me. Just mere curiosity! 🤗

Me 😉

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. ~ Dalai Lama


Surprise! Surprise!

Just when we thought we’d covered all the heart emojis, three new ones have popped up.

Admittedly, they will only be released for usage by 2023.

They are as follows:

Pink Heart

Let’s be clear about this, the pink heart emoji has no romantic leanings and instead, denotes sincerity and friendship. This unadorned or plain, pink heart can be used to show love for friends and family, and may even be used to declare advancing feelings in a new relationship.

Whilst it’s not as passionate as the red heart emoji, it can still convey loving and sincere affection for those you care about.

Many advocates have been pushing for the release of the pink heart emoji and the Unicode Technical Committee appear to relent. Anticipation of release is late 2022 or early 2023.

Grey Heart

This emoji can be utilised to express sympathy and compassion, especially to family or friends who are grieving or have suffered a loss. Although the yellow or pink heart emojis are clear and direct, the grey heart has a softer and gentler approach.

According to Emojipedia however, WhatsApp designates some negative connotations to the emoticon. Usage can denote bad news, depressing moods or a possible crisis, be it personal or work related, that is about to unfold. On the positive side, it can mean wisdom and an agreeable stance.

Light Blue Heart

Sending the light blue heart emoji means the relationship is on a casual basis, rather than a deep or abiding, romantic connection. It has playful connotations without being direct, whilst at the same time, revealing a joyful or happy state. This emoticon will probably be used more frequently by emoji users.

In accordance with the theme, I’ve also included the fingers cupped into a heart shape and that will also be released in 2023.

Here is some added news! World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17th and they even have the Emoji Anthem. Jonathan Mann wrote and composed it and here is the link:

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

To honour the great man himself, I’m including the quote below, as a celebration of his birthday.

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. ~ Nelson Mandela.

Disclaimer: My thanks go to Emojipedia and Body and Soul for the above graphics and information.

The Meaning behind Heart Emojis -Part 4

Green Heart 💚

The green heart is without question, an unromantic emoticon.

Users support and tend to use the colour to denote their preferences for nature, organic vegetables, salads, green smoothies, mint ice cream (hmmm) et al.

Conversely, the green heart can denote jealousy and envy and may be the reason why the emoticon is referred to as the ‘jealous heart’ emoji.

On the positive side, it is a popular emoticon for eco-warriors and those who subscribe to ‘healthy living.’

Heart with Arrow 💘

It doesn’t take much sense to work out that the Cupid’s arrow through the heart emoticon represents ‘falling in love’ or having a deep crush for a new love interest. It symbolises being ‘smitten’ at the beginnings of a new romance. Its tailored made to be sent on Valentine’s Day or other special, romantic occasions.

White Heart 🤍

The colour white generally symbolises purity, virtue, innocence or goodness, and likewise, the white heart conveys freshness, purity and love.

Parents can use this emoticon to show their love for their child or children, or partners can indicate that their love is eternal and will never die or be destroyed. It can also be sent to close family members.

Revolving Heart 💞

Known as the ‘heart to heart’ or revolving heart emoji, this heart can be sent to close friends or relatives you are in sync with, and it denotes that both sides are on the same wavelength.

Likewise, it can be used to show mutual love, respect and understanding amongst loved ones.

Heart with a Bow 💝

In presenting this emoji, the sender is telling the receiver that his or her heart is wrapped up in a bow and that it is given as a gift and therefore, must be protected and treated or handled with care. Definitely an emoticon that can be sent to the person you’re totally in love with.

Summary: According to a survey, the Red Heart ♥️ is the most used and popular emoticon, followed by the Two Hearts 💕, the Purple Heart 💜 and the Blue Heart 💙.

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart. ~ Rumi

Disclaimer: Thanks go to the Wired Report, Body and Soul, – emoji, and Emojipedia for the graphics and information on Heart Emojis.

The Meaning behind Heart Emojis – Part 3

Growing Heart 💗

This emoji shows a heart surrounded by outlines of lighter-shaded hearts and that can mean the sender’s heart is growing or expanding with affection, sheer joy, overwhelming pride, or perhaps, even sadness. It can also be used to confess love or to offer an apology.

The growing heart can also tell the recipient, ‘you make my heart skip a beat.’

Brown Heart 🤎

If there is one heart that is less popular than all the other hearts, it is the brown heart. It does however, have its use in that it can express a love for coffee or chocolate.

This heart may also signify pride in ‘racial identity’ or is readily used by those who identify with coffee-coloured, brown or dark skin tones.

Beating Heart 💓

This emoticon gives added intensity to the regular heart emoji. It can be used to express strong or highly intense feelings and the emoticon is likened to a racing heart.

It is often used by those who are shy or nervous when texting a new love interest.

Purple Heart 💜

Most of us think of the Purple Heart as the military award given for acts of bravery in battle. The Purple Heart emoji however, depicts support, compassion, duty, honour, love, understanding, good judgement or even royalty or wealth.

It is used frequently by social media users or by those who simply love the colour purple.

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery (Le Petit Prince)

Disclaimer: My thanks go to Body and Soul, – Emoji, Wired Report and Emojipedia for the graphics and information on Heart Emojis.

Please return to see the final post.

The Meaning behind Heart Emojis – Part 2

Red Heart Exclamation Mark ❣️

This emoji is a positive alternative to the exclamation mark and is usually used when friends or partners are in total agreement. It conveys sheer enthusiasm, affection, excitement, fun and even love. All in all, it is a positive symbol.

Yellow Heart 💛

This heart can be sent to close friends or to those you text or message often. It denotes gentle feelings or emotions and can be used for special occasions, such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or in messages to grandparents or close relatives.

Sadly, when used by a potential, love interest, it can mean that the relationship is edging towards ‘friendship’ as opposed to passionate love.

Black Heart 🖤

Users of the black heart emoticon, may be expressing morbid or dark humour. They can also be expressing sorrowful or sad thoughts, or a dark outlook.

Fans of alternative music tend to use this emoticon quite freely amongst each other.

Sparkle Heart 💖

Whilst this symbol is sent to show love and affection, it is more often used in a playful, sweet or light-hearted manner.

Please return tomorrow for Part 3 of the next four heart emojis.

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

Among the things you can give and still keep,

are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart. ~ Zig Ziglar

Disclaimer: Thank you to; Wired Report and Body and Soul for their graphics and information on Heart Emojis.

The Meaning behind Heart Emojis Part 1

We all use ‘heart emoticons,’ regularly and at times, rather haphazardly. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the colour of the emoticons, as EACH heart colour denotes a specific or special meaning. Here is a guide to help you:

Red Heart ♥️

Beginning with the emoji most often used, the red heart, we learn that it represents ‘true love’ or great passion from the sender. Don’t panic however, if you’ve been adding red hearts to all your messages, as they can be sent to your special partner or close friends and family.

We will now move on to the opposite of the happy, love heart emoji.

Broken Heart 💔

Sadly, there are times when the ‘broken heart’ symbol ‘speaks volumes’ to convey feelings of loss, from either a break-up or when a close friend, relative or much-admired media star has passed. It is however, more often used to convey feelings of broken trust, betrayal, suffering, deep disappointment and pain, being dumped or feeling absolutely shattered and broken.

That is when the next emoji comes into play.

Orange Heart 🧡

This emoticon can be sent to convey feelings of caring, empathy, sympathy or comfort, to a heart- broken or sad friend or relative. The orange heart colour provides warmth and light and shows encouragement and support for the recipient.

Double Heart 💕

A positive symbol, it can be used to state that one’s feeling is ‘mutual’ with a new love interest or that ‘love is in the air.’ It can also be used to symbolise passion, romance or love for a partner.

The pink symbol is a more light-hearted and flirtatious approach, as opposed to the dramatic and more-effusive red heart.

This is Part 1 of the heart emojis. Come back tomorrow for the next four emoticons.

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few that will catch your Heart. Pursue those. ~ Michael Nolan

Disclaimer: My thanks go to Body and Soul; – emoji and Wired Report for their respective information on Heart Emojis.

Classic Restoration

My neighbour enjoys restoring vintage and classic cars and flat bed trucks. He managed to find a 1950s 3100 Chevrolet Pickup and instead of repairing and spray painting it to the usual glossy sheen, he decided instead to keep many of the features of its former life.

He sanded the paintwork back and painted the bodywork a burnished colour of red-brown more times than anyone wanted to count. Take note of the unusual word ‘Toxic,’ which is engraved on the fold-down back panel. This is what it looks like currently.

If you look closely at the metal roof above the back window, you will notice a definite dent. The Chevy had a custom bed cover that would fly up when travelling over rough ground and would leave a deeper dent every time. He liked the idea of the dent and decided not to fix it, as, to his way of thinking, it adds character, and he also left other minor dents along the roof. He also removed the bed cover to give the appearance of an open trailer.

There are running boards under either side of the doors.

Just behind the passenger door, is a fixed bottle opener in bright yellow and is labelled, ‘Shell.’ It was an added attachment when he bought the old Chevy. A unique feature!

There is a front sun visor just above the dual windows and a single windscreen wiper on the driver’s side window.

The tray at the back has semi-polished wooden boards with matt-finished steel strip inserts running across the board. An old metal trunk is nestled just under the back window.

The chrome door handles are horizontal and just below the handle is the key hole to unlock the truck.

Only an expert and talented restorer would have the courage and original idea of keeping many of the interesting features of a classic vehicle like this.

No doubt, the restoration has been a labour of love!

(C) Wendy Robinson

All Rights Reserved

We all have our time machines.

Some take us back; they’re called memories.

Some take us forward; they’re called dreams.

~ Jeremy Irons


My much-loved sister is a no-nonsense type of person

and would often give unsolicited but well-meaning advice

when anyone spoke of feeling ill or described their


One day, after giving some medical advice, her husband

began looking up at the walls of their house. Puzzled, she

stopped and asked him what he was doing. He feigned

a quizzical look and said that he was looking for

her medical qualifications or certificates on the wall. We all

burst out laughing and so did my sister.

We were chatting on the phone recently and once again,

my sister suggested I try some tablets to combat fresh flu-like

symptoms. I heard her husband in the background saying

that he still couldn’t find the certificates.

After I got off the phone, I mischievously suggested ‘awarding’

and presenting my sister with a medical certificate. My husband

googled and printed one from the Internet and added her name on it. And since her favourite cartoon character is Donald Duck, we added his name at the bottom of the certificate.

My sister found it so funny and we all had a good laugh over it.

Family fun!!

Wendy Robinson

(C) All Rights Reserved

Family – A little bit crazy

A little bit loud

And a whole lot of love.

~ Anonymous

Day 13 & 14: The Vet/The Rainbow

Monday 3rd April: We almost lost our family pet around six months ago. Our Staffy dreads going to the Vet as I’m sure it conjures up nightmarish recall of the needles she has to endure and that day was no exception.

I knew how grave her condition was when I had to carry her up the steps into the waiting room and she was too weak to protest. The readings for her liver were off the scale and she was jaundiced.

Fortunately, an initial needle of antibiotic followed by antibiotic tablets and a-wait-and-see worrisome period of ten days, did the trick and she recovered.

Two weeks ago, she became quite ill again. She managed to crawl up the stairs and only gave a token resistance into entering the ‘house of horrors.’ Fortunately, our vet is gentle and caring and our pet is in his good hands. The vet was concerned that her liver was compromised again and gave her another antibiotic needle and another round of tablets. This time however, she perked up after only a day.

Her annual check-up and heart-worm injection had been postponed to Monday, two weeks after the second treatment. The vet checked her out thoroughly and gave her the tick for strong teeth, clear eyes and ears, solid heartbeat and overall health. I stood before him and a wave of gratitude and relief washed over me.

It was only after that ordeal that I thought about my ‘gratitude’ post and gave myself a virtual ‘high-five,’ as it clearly became my big ‘thank you’ point for Monday.

Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. ~Joshua E. Marine


Tuesday 4th April: Soccer training was on, despite a brief shower and the overcast condition. A soggy, squelchy walk onto the field did not help matters but the little ‘wanna-be soccer star’ joined in the training session with enthusiasm.

The dark clouds gathered ominously overhead and the air grew even chillier. I raced to my car and grabbed the large umbrella and walked back across the field. Quite a few of the adults did not bother getting their umbrellas.

I looked up and spotted the beginnings of a rainbow and couldn’t help feeling cheered by it. I just managed to get a quick shot of it when I remembered I had to return a relative’s phone call.

I was on the phone when the rest of the rainbow streaked across the sky. I couldn’t get a photo of it while on the phone and hoped it would remain until the conversation was over. The colour spectrum was quite vivid against the dark clouds and I watched it in a mesmerised state.

The rainbow disappeared however, when more dark clouds rolled in and I quickly ended my phone call. Almost on cue, the rain pelted down and I hastily put my umbrella up.

The coaches continued the training session and the little players bravely played in the drenching rain. I couldn’t help marvelling at the scene and likewise, ignored my soaked leather boots and thoroughly wet jeans.

After ten more minutes of further play, the coaches cancelled the training. The hour was almost up anyway. My little charge and I walked across the field, huddled while laughing under the umbrella, as we squelched through it.

When I checked my phone that night, I saw my shot of the little crest of rainbow and couldn’t help smiling at the beauty of it. Needless to say, that rainbow has my gratitude for appearing in an almost cheerful manner in a darkly laden sky.

(C) Wendy Robinson All rights reserved

Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things. ~Kurt Vonnegut

Oh la la: All the above photos are my own so I don’t need to use the ‘disclaimer’ in this post.

Day’s 11 & 12 – Kindness & Sunshine

One of my mottoes is to always remember the kindness of others and I have often spoken about it to my family.

Saturday: I had to post a large envelope with a statutory declaration in it, and decided to drop into our local post office. The postmistress often has a quick chat and is a lovely lady. Saturday morning was no exception!

She mentioned seeing me dropping off a young relative to school in the mornings and said that her son had been his buddy and mentor when he first started kindergarten. It was wonderful learning that we had this connection.

She asked me if I dropped him every day. I then told her that I did as his mother was quite ill and couldn’t do it and had not been able to do it for over a year. On learning about the illness, she offered to make a meal or two for their family. I was so touched and grateful at this unexpected offer.

Imagine this folks, I only know this lady when I visit the post office and here she was, offering to make a meal for my relatives. This generous gesture just made my day and moved me so much. I will always remember her kindness.


Sunday: It was a busy day but just on midday, I received an unexpected phone call from a family member who lived an hour and a half away from us. She is an absolute delight and rang to say she wanted to drop in with her baby son and toddler. It can usually be months before we see each other so this was a wonderful surprise.

This family member is a ray of sunshine, is bubbly and has an infectious laugh. Needless to say, the two hour visit went much too quickly.

We have to give thanks for the people who bring much joy into our lives.

© Wendy Robinson All rights reserved

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it. ~ George Elliston

Disclaimer: My thanks go to the various photographers for the above image and photos.

Have you received or done a kindness recently? Please share your experience in the comments.

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