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The Drover And His Dog

This is a poem I had written sometime back and it is about the daily, working, life of a drover/shepherd and his dog. I am sure there are times when the simple routine would be more appealing than the frenetic life many of us lead.

Noun – A drover is someone whose job or occupation is to make sheep or cattle move from one place to another in groups.


He sits before the flickering fire

The drover with his trusty dog

Under the endless, starlit night

Stealing warmth from blackened logs


His work-worn hardened hands

Labour tirelessly from dawn to dusk

Herding his flock over rocks and land

To earn his meagre, daily crust


The sheep, they know his unspoken commands

And his faithful companion’s bark

Their aimless, bodies huddle or move

And graze from morn till dark


Day is done when he settles down

Neath the stars and the hound who parks

His weary body upon the ground

And beside the wind swept sparks


Gazing up at the velvet expanse

This man of simple needs

Savours silence over the darkened land

With blessed contentment indeed


(C) Wendy Robinson September 2015 All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: My thanks go to the various photographers for these shots of the drover and the working dogs.

If you have any comment, I would love to hear it.


Beach magic

Flowing, ebbing, in constant grace

The water’s edge a meandering trace

Of porous sand and fine-grained silt

In time immemorial sounds that lilt

A scene that plays out everyday

In unmarked, uncaring rhythm at play


imagesYPOO32VCThe bedraggled hound coated in sand

A mixture of damp fur and windswept land

Gambolling in sloppy, aimless strides

Paws in and out of the purposeful tide

A playful breeze, unceasing heat

Brushing against the burning feet


Sun kissed tendrils of golden silk

Lie upon cheeks of creamy milk

The child amidst his sandy carpet

imagesPSW77T2ICreates a lopsided castle turret

Happily coated in sunscreen and sand

Oblivious of time or hunger pangs


The call of the surf, sand and sea

Appeals to all with utmost glee

The child in all of us you see

Emerges in renewing energy

To run, dance, and happily play

From cool, clear dawn of new born day


Those hours of carefree abandon and bliss

In magical fantasy of daydream’s kiss

And memories that will live on forever

In hearts and minds and soulful endeavour

Much like the endless ocean and earth

Natures’ wonders live on in rebirth.


(C) Wendy Robinson 2015

If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in. ~ Rachel Carson

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