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Love’s Gamble


A Valentine Day’s Post: This is in special honour of J & A and all those who fear the courtship ritual of making the first move. It took J ten years (yes, you’ve read it correctly) before he plucked up the courage to even ask the beautiful A out.

I personally found it endearing and touching that it took J (who sang bass in the same choir as A) so long to pluck up the courage to ask her on a date.


We tend to say less when we need to say more

Talk about the mundane until it starts to bore

All that is hidden, all that’s left unsaid

The latency hides heartache, the fear, the dread


The weather then becomes the discussion du jour

Or the latest travel plans where it’s safe and secure

Our hearts in the meantime beat onwards regardless

Hiding unseen heartache and unfathomable stress


Do we bite the bullet, say all that’s in the heart

How do we find the strength, when do we start

Perhaps today, maybe tomorrow, or could it be never

One has to make the first move before a line is severed.


(C) Wendy Robinson All rights reserved


I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but he who conquers that fear. ~ Nelson Mandela


I hope you enjoy Kyle Richard Hudson’s  ‘Lost For Words‘ which compliments this post.

Kyle: I wrote this one about the experience we’ve all had of not being able to articulate the way we feel.

Please express your appreciation of Kyle’s work, either in the comments or on his video or better yet, subscribe to or share his video.

Thank you Kyle for sharing your song with us.

Disclaimer: My thanks go to the anonymous photographer, who has generously shared his/her online photography for gratis.


Meant To Be

I wrote this poem to honour my brother and his bride on their wedding day. They have said often that they were ‘meant to be’ together so I entitled this poem, ‘Meant To Be.’


This new day dawns in glorious majesty

Is this possible, to love so magically

Nothing dampens the singing heart beatswedding-rings-wallpaper1

It beats faster whenever we meet

I never knew that loves sacred gift

Is to give my life this momentous lift

I’m happy, carefree, in constant heaven

You’ve the cause and my safe haven

From all eternity, we were meant to be

I found you as you were promised to meHeartHands


Through eons and ages and in between

I knew you and you always knew me

We had to meet, it was long overdue

Universally conspired, the scene on cue

Lost in a vortex of the unknown or unseen

All’s right with the heavens and our dream

I am always yours and you are ever minesunset-hands-love-woman

In spirit and body and all things divine

We are now together and always will be

Pledged to be one for all eternity


(C) Wendy Robinson June 2016

Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.

~James C. Dobson

The Cycle of Life

Seasons come and Seasons go!FourSeasonsTrees

Life an ever-changing ebb and flow

With cycles of high and of low

A mixture of joy and of sorrow


Birth continues the cycle of life

With high hopes it’s without strife

Mothers dream of an existence that’s idealAfricanMotherandChild

While fathers hope for a future that appeals


Love underpins the cyclical game

The child blesses the union in expected frame

Whilst death brings finality in its wake

Much can happen with a lot at stake.


The purpose is to bear fruit or breed

Generations continue through the seed

Mankind is programmed to procreate

He has a chance when he selects a mate


His chances then multiply through rearing a sonShadowfatherandson

To carry his genes when the race is won

He has little choice in all that’s given

As it has been ordained by what’s driven


To increase and multiply is mankind’s role

Primeval needs and attraction seal the goal

A simple enough equation for man and for beast

From birds to bees, from the large to the leastHands


Life continues this immemorial theme

Some are planned, some are hit-miss schemes

It is natural as the day is long

The cycle of life is nature’s continual song


(C) Wendy Robinson August 2015

It may be said, in broad-brush terms, that the primary purpose of life is the continuation of life. A deep program for survival and reproduction underwrites the complex cycles of life, in which death is the grand equalizer. ~ Richard J. Borden, Ecology and Experience: Reflections from a Human Ecological Perspective

Disclaimer: The beautiful photos used are from the internet. My thanks go to the respective photographers.


Confusion reigns all around

I look but see no sign or sound

Tell me you who knows of such

Where do I turn, who do I trust


Speak to me wisdom of the ages

Show me the truth from the many sages

A humble and naive new born am I

Seeking to learn, with an innocent sigh


P1010368The how, the wherefore, the why and what

Are being asked with a reasoning start

The who and when is added to the mix

Seeking and searching for the perfect fix


The old, the seasoned, the tried and true

They can provide the answers for you

You have to ask with reverence and humility

Or you’ll get no response to petty levity


Take time to watch, take time to wait,

If you want to learn of mankind’s fate

Silence, homage and holy persistence

Can open the doors to any resistance


Hold yourself with respect and with dignity

Do unto others through love and integrity

Seek the miracle in all that you see

To find peace and joy in your own company


(C) Wendy Robinson 2015

The Difference between School and Life:

In school, you are taught a lesson and then given a test.

In life, you are given a test that teaches you a lesson. ~ Tom Bodett

This is the second poem I am posting and do feel a tad nervous about it. I hope you like it and would appreciate your feedback. The photo is also my own and is of a sunset taken from my front verandah.

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