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Blogger Recognition Award

I was amazed when my dancing friend Khutsie of Tribe 53 nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award back in January. Yes, it is a month since I received the award and it has taken me until now to officially announce it. Tsk, tsk!

This being my third award, I told my family that I should consider allocation an area on my blog to Awards and they all laughed. blogawardpic

Kea leboga (thank you so much) for selecting, honoring and nominating me for this beautiful award Khutsie.

Little did I know when I ventured into the world of blogging in October 2013, that I would meet amazing writers/bloggers and more importantly, gain their friendship and support and learn so much from them. They make the journey a whole lot more-easier and it has made me feel more a part of the writing community.

The Rules

There are always rules to follow but I like to think of them as guidance. Here they are and they’re simple:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Display the award on your post and write about it.
  • Give a brief history on your blog itself
  • Offer a piece of advice to new and upcoming bloggers
  • Select 10 other bloggers you wish to nominate
  • Comment on their blogs and let them know they have been nominated

Although I am usually reticent to give advice, I feel the following is a step that bloggers in general should follow if they wish to succeed in the world of blogging.

Read all the comments made on your post and acknowledge the comments by responding to each one. It shows respect and that you appreciate the time and effort each reader has taken to comment on your post.

My nominees for the Blogger Recognition Award are:

Big Red Carpet Nursing

Greg Mercer, a psyche-nurse, is a strong advocate for all nurses and is so very passionate in his drive to promote the nursing industry and more importantly to protect them from 01247eb6470421cad3d92afdc82b48faexploitation and abuse. I have great respect for Greg’s altruism, generosity and determination and his posts on all aspects of the medical world. You go Greg!

Storing Hope

Wilson has a heart that is big and generous and a smile that is equally as big – so much so, that I end up smiling back in cyber space. Wilson’s blog is full of sage advice and his writings radiate the care he shows for all those he comes into contact with. It gives me great pleasure to nominate Wilson.

Weaver Grace

Grace is a mulit-talented lady who writes on quite a number of topics. She writes beautifully, has a big heart and is so genuine and frank in her outlook and her many passions. I would happily dance with you in the rain Grace.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Rob is a prolific blogger, creative artist and is candid about mental health issues. I have learnt a lot from his posts and he is so generous in tweeting my posts to many followers. Thank you Rob for your online friendship and for educating others on the many aspects of mental health.

A Life Worth Living For

If there is a bravery award, Shauna would be among my list of recipients. Shauna is giving of herself and writes her blog to help and encourage other victims of violence and abuse to recognize their predicament and to take steps to extricate themselves from their situation. She has a caring heart and it is obvious in her posts. Bouquets to you Shauna and keep up the good work!

Joys of Joel

I have only recently connected with Joel and although I do not know how he found me, I am grateful that he did. I am in awe of his poems and the thoughts he shares and enjoy reading his posts. I look forward to reading more of your original work Joel.

Sabiscuits Catalog

Although Sabi and I only connected about a month ago, we appear to have a number of things in common. Sabi also writes awesome poetry and at times I feel very much the novice when I read her work. We were meant to collaborate on a project but due to unforeseen circumstances, it fell through. I do however, look forward to working with you in future Sabi. Bouquets to you and I’m drinking a toast to our friendship on the wire and to learning more from you.

A Perfectly Flawed Ruby

Alitha’s love of writing is quite obvious as she is disciplined in her postings and I like her frank attitude on being ‘flawed.’ She is honest and open about any subject matter she writes about and it is refreshing to read her posts. Way to go sassy lady!


It is with great delight that I nominate my University buddy Fiona for this award. Fiona has a travel blog devoted solely to travelling this vast continent of Australia. Yes, she packed up and set out with Ruby, her much-loved vintage car, and also her equally loved four-legged companion, to explore and write about her experiences. There are tips on camping and travelling and Fiona also has a map showing how far she has travelled. This site is certainly helpful for those contemplating travelling and camping.

Bold Blind Beauty (

Stephanae is an even newer blogging friend and is an absolute inspiration. When you read her blog, you will learn that she was declared ‘legally blind’ three years ago. Parents transitioning into aged care or family members experiencing some form of sight deterioration will benefit from reading the many tips and ideas that Stephanae shares on her blog (including putting on make-up and maintaining your dress style). It is an honour to follow Steph!

Please remember, you are not obliged to accept or do anything further if you don’t wish to. This is merely my salute to you, in nominating you.on-getting-recognition

I would like to add that, of all the awards I have received so far, I like The Bloggers Recognition Award the best as it is about giving due praise and recognition for the many talents and creativity of the individual bloggers that one admires and nominates.

I want to thank Khutsie for nominating me. I love reading Khutsie’s blog Tribe 53, which is full of life in Botswana and the various places of interests and anything that takes Khutsie’s fancy. She is a master at Yoga and dancing. I treasure your friendship on the wire Khutsie and I hope to challenge you to a dance marathon one day.

© Wendy Robinson March 2016

Rewards and recognition provide the best results when used as a communications medium to get attention, convey a message and build closer relationships over time. ~ Engagement Strategies Media

Disclaimer: All the photos above have been garnered from the internet. My sincere thanks go to the various photographers and contributors.

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