Question To You

I’ll preface this by admitting I will not be seen dead with rumpled clothes. 😊


Me: Could you put the iron on please?

Family member: Okay! Why? Are you going out?

Me: Just for my power-walk.

FM: Whattt?? You’re ironing your clothes just to power-walk?

Why bother? Just throw your T shirt on and go. NOBODY really cares if your clothes are rumpled or not.

Me: I CARE!!! I refuse to look like I slept in it and then got up to go for my walk.

A wise person once stated, ‘Life is much simpler when you stop explaining yourself to people and just do what works for you.

Dear Readers,

I’m interested to hear from you. Do you iron your clothes before stepping out the door or do you grab them from the ironing basket and just throw them on crushed?

Each to his own so no judgement from me. Just mere curiosity! 🤗

Me 😉

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. ~ Dalai Lama


Comments on: "Question To You" (5)

  1. Wendy, I will definitely disappoint you because I NEVER iron. I have two sciatic disks, so I cannot stand at the same place too long, besides I really dislike doing it. However, my husband irons perfectly. Whenever we wash our clothes we choose a smooth programm with less centrifugation.

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  2. I have the INTENTION to iron….and do when absolutely necessary. However, my husband once hid my Christmas present at the bottom of the ironing bin…so there’s that😂
    I do love to do laundry and our clothes are neatly folded, so no wrinkles.

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