Classic Restoration

My neighbour enjoys restoring vintage and classic cars and flat bed trucks. He managed to find a 1950s 3100 Chevrolet Pickup and instead of repairing and spray painting it to the usual glossy sheen, he decided instead to keep many of the features of its former life.

He sanded the paintwork back and painted the bodywork a burnished colour of red-brown more times than anyone wanted to count. Take note of the unusual word ‘Toxic,’ which is engraved on the fold-down back panel. This is what it looks like currently.

If you look closely at the metal roof above the back window, you will notice a definite dent. The Chevy had a custom bed cover that would fly up when travelling over rough ground and would leave a deeper dent every time. He liked the idea of the dent and decided not to fix it, as, to his way of thinking, it adds character, and he also left other minor dents along the roof. He also removed the bed cover to give the appearance of an open trailer.

There are running boards under either side of the doors.

Just behind the passenger door, is a fixed bottle opener in bright yellow and is labelled, ‘Shell.’ It was an added attachment when he bought the old Chevy. A unique feature!

There is a front sun visor just above the dual windows and a single windscreen wiper on the driver’s side window.

The tray at the back has semi-polished wooden boards with matt-finished steel strip inserts running across the board. An old metal trunk is nestled just under the back window.

The chrome door handles are horizontal and just below the handle is the key hole to unlock the truck.

Only an expert and talented restorer would have the courage and original idea of keeping many of the interesting features of a classic vehicle like this.

No doubt, the restoration has been a labour of love!

(C) Wendy Robinson

All Rights Reserved

We all have our time machines.

Some take us back; they’re called memories.

Some take us forward; they’re called dreams.

~ Jeremy Irons

Comments on: "Classic Restoration" (11)

  1. I’m so glad I stopped by to see what you’ve been up to. So many great photos and intetesting quotes! And a moving poem. Thanks for sharing your views.

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  2. I admire the easy flow of your words. When reading it feels like breathing fresh air. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. I envy you as a writer! And the way you sway and delight the reader! waiting for upcoming blogs!!😁

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  4. Your neighbour has done a great job! 👌🏻❤ Thank you for sharing it Wendy!

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  5. Hi Wendy, thank you so much for considering Toxic, my passion project, worthy or writing about. We have had many a conversation and it is now apparent how closely you have noted the details. Toxic will continue to evolve and develop its own new personality and patina. Cheers, Toxic Todd

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