The Heath-leaved banksia ericifolia or lantern banksia, are a colourful delight when in bloom.

(C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

If speaking kindly to plants makes them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do. ~ Cindy Mangomini

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  1. These look very beautiful
    When anything blooms it looks beautiful
    I had not seen them before thanks for showing them

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  2. Gerry OConnor said:

    Thanks Wendy for these beautiful Banksias.  They look like lanterns hanging from the tree !Do you grow this in your garden??  Can this survive Winter weather – ice and snow???I live in an apartment so NO gardening to do – when I had my home back in Atlanta, Georgia my husband was the one who loved gardening and planting his veggies and his beautiful selections of Roses .  He had the ‘green thumbs’.Seem my hands kill them !!   Hope you and family are safe and well during this Covid pandemic?Sad we now live in a world of ‘infections’ that kill people !Have you all taken the shots?  I had mine in 2 sessions.  No reactions.But I am still wary about going out much – so many viruses are floatingin the air we breathe !  My intended visit to my birth country Burmais on indefinite hold !  Pray all these evil viruses, etc. will go away ASAPand we all can live and enjoy healthy lives –  also I can make my last visit to Burma before I leave this planet – Amen. I am still with son in the Philippines – now over 2 yrs.  I hope all theseviruses, and political situations in Burma will go away soon and everyonecan move about safely and freely – Amen.  It is my last and only wishto visit my beloved birth country and see relatives and friends one lasttime – before I leave this earth – Amen.  Please keep me in your prayers,Thank you.God willing and of course, most important, I to have the budget tomake these visits.   I always prayer for my beloved Myanmar thatall good things and happenings will soon come to pass – Amen. Bye, keep safe.  Please continue to keep in touch with me sometimes, it is lonely here as I have not made any close friends here in PI – just my sonand Gina.  Thanks for having my computer, my reliable buddy to keepin touch.  Please do send me photos of all of you and your families, I dolove to view you all – thanks.  So long – love and blessingsGerry

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  3. Gerry OConnor said:

    Thanks – they are so beautiful.  They are God’s gift for us to enjoy – Amen.

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