These photos were taken five minutes apart. Such a contrast in light, colour and depth. I was in awe and mesmerised by the beauty of the sunset.

C) Wendy Robinson All Rights Reserved

Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of heaven. ~ John Lubbock

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  1. Gerry OConnor said:

    Thanks Wendy for the beautiful pics. Yes, God gave us a beautiful world to enjoy – so always say “Thank you Jesus”.  I have seen quite a few beautiful sunsets – to see the sun, a big ball of fire –  slowly sinking below the horizon.  I have missed seeing the ‘dawn’ of morning – as I am still sleeping late into the morning – just being lazy !!  I am still living with my oldest son in the Philippines, since last Nov.  I will eventually return to America where rest of my family are there – meantime enjoying my stay.  By the way Wendy which part of Australia do you live?  I have relatives and many friends in Perth, also in Sydney.  I have also made a few visits there, God willing I will have my last opportunity to make another visit again – hope we can meet.Bye now, keep safe from this deadly virus that is spreading all over the world.Love and blessingsGerry


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    • The East coast – beautiful Sydney! Yes, we can only hope and pray that life will settle back, although I doubt it will ever return to pre-virus stage.
      Please stay safe yourself and thank you for your lovely comment A. Gerry.

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the sunset can change the sky!

    Thanks for sharing your sunset. We rarely get interesting sunsets here. They get lost in the treetops.

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  3. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. They make my day.

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  4. Beautiful sunset. Love the first with the leafless tree putting its fingers into the sky.

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  5. Beautiful sunset photos!

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  6. bellissime

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  7. Hi Wendy, I stopped by to see if you published the post you’ve been working on and wow, I love your photos. Nature is so amazing and I never tire of looking at such stunning scenery as you’ve captured here. 😍

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