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After receiving a tick from my dental hygienist last week, I certainly did not expect another ‘good’ report to follow. It appears, the single orthotic my well-renowned podiatrist prescribed for my right foot has made a huge difference in my walk and stance and the fact that I don’t need physiotherapy as often as I have been having, is testament to the success of the device. It has been such a success that my podiatrist does not need to see me for two years. I therefore, have valid reason to give thanks to Peter Sneddon of Beecroft.

I’m on a roll! My list of followers has just this minute reached (ta da!) 95 and I’m absolutely delighted. I hasten to say that it is small potatoes compared to others who have ‘thousands’ of followers but just to have 95 people who like my writing and have opted to follow me, is a great pat-on-the-back for me. I had lost count of my followers and just on a whim, decided to check the tally. Thank you to WordPress for keeping the log.

How about that? When I least expected it, I discovered that I had two good news to share.

(C) Wendy Robinson

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ~William Arthur Ward

Disclaimer: My thanks go to Charles Schultz Inc for the Charlie Brown image.

I hope you’ve received some good health or any type of report yourself. Would you care to share?





Comments on: "Day 4 – Health and followers." (2)

  1. Can you see me? I am smiling. There is always room for good new. So pleased to read about yours. ❤ 😀

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