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It’s great when you’ve reached a milestone, albeit a small one! It turns out, it is the third anniversary of my blog AND I’ve also, just yesterday, had another person following me. That makes (little drum roll) 71 followers to date (yay!) and this is my (ta dah!!) 65th post. Not bad for a writer who has been quite slack and only posts once in a while.

When I ventured into uploading my very first post, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to perfect it and finally ended up posting it towards midnight. I woke the next morning and was astounded to learn that I had two ‘followers’ – one a published author and the other an outstanding and expressive writer. I was nevertheless stumped as I had no idea what a ‘follower’ meant. I soon learnt and began to ‘follow’ writers whose works I admire.

For me personally, I feel blessed and lucky that I’ve met some unique, blog-pencil1outstanding and inspiring fellow bloggers and writers and in some cases, developed online friendships with them. I don’t think I need to name them as I’m more than sure, they know how much I value and appreciate their friendship and their talent and more importantly, they know who they are.

I can state without any reservation, that I have no regrets and in fact, still get excited and enthused about web blogging!

All I have to do now is to be more-disciplined in posting regularly!6dd36c464cfff57e57398342fccd676c

Thank you ‘WordPress’ for the anniversary reminder!

(C) Wendy Robinson September 2016

To me, art’s highest purpose is to entertain, to enlighten, to inspire, to evoke emotion and to change an audience in some way, big or small.

~ Charity Sunshine Tilleman-Dick


Comments on: "Happy Anniversary from WordPress" (16)

  1. I got a WordPress reminder the other day, congratulating me for 3 years on WordPress. In reality, I signed up 3 years ago and created a bunch of failed blogs which I never posted on. I finally got my current (and best) blog off the ground about 7 months ago, so the WordPress reminder isn’t really accurate, but hey – it shows how far I’ve come I guess 🙂


  2. Congrats Cuz-in-Law. keep postin’.

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  3. Happy anniversary Wendy!! The blogging realm is an amazing place, as you mention meeting so many people. Many hugs


  4. Congratulations on the anniversary! Three blog years must be something like thirty human ones, I think! 🙂


  5. Happy, Happy Anniversary Wendy and congrats on your 65th post!! 🎉✨🎉


  6. Happy Blogversary! Enjoy the journey. Thanks for your writings. I enjoy reading them.


  7. Happy belated anniversary Wendy!


  8. Congratulations, Wendy! Three blog years- woo-hoo!! How many dog years would that make, I wonder?


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