Meant To Be

I wrote this poem to honour my brother and his bride on their wedding day. They have said often that they were ‘meant to be’ together so I entitled this poem, ‘Meant To Be.’


This new day dawns in glorious majesty

Is this possible, to love so magically

Nothing dampens the singing heart beatswedding-rings-wallpaper1

It beats faster whenever we meet

I never knew that loves sacred gift

Is to give my life this momentous lift

I’m happy, carefree, in constant heaven

You’ve the cause and my safe haven

From all eternity, we were meant to be

I found you as you were promised to meHeartHands


Through eons and ages and in between

I knew you and you always knew me

We had to meet, it was long overdue

Universally conspired, the scene on cue

Lost in a vortex of the unknown or unseen

All’s right with the heavens and our dream

I am always yours and you are ever minesunset-hands-love-woman

In spirit and body and all things divine

We are now together and always will be

Pledged to be one for all eternity


(C) Wendy Robinson June 2016

Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.

~James C. Dobson

Comments on: "Meant To Be" (24)

  1. Beautiful poetry, Wendy. Congratulations to your brother and his bride. I wish them all the best for their life together. xo


  2. Afrika Bohemian said:

    These are beautiful words that you have gifted to your brother and your sister in law. Congratulations to the beautiful couple


    • So nice to hear from you Khutsie. I’ve been off the grid for sometime but I hope this is the start to returning back to my writing. I’ve missed visiting your blog and all the interesting adventures you write about. πŸ™‚ I will pass on your congratulations to my brother and his lovely new bride.


  3. ann.tearrell said:

    Oh that’s just so beautiful……just like you….what a wonderful gift…. your brother and his new bride must be so humble and yes so proud.


    • Thank you so much Ann! That’s so sweet and I deeply appreciate your kind comment. They loved it and I was so focussed on relaying the message of the poem that I was surprised when a number of the guests came over to say that they thought it was beautiful and enjoyed it.


  4. Gerry OConnor said:

    What a beautiful poem – a tribute to your brother and his bride. Aunty Gerry


  5. Wendy – beautiful sentiments on one of the most wondrous aspects of being human – when two spirits find their home in each other!!



  6. This is great Wendy – my work is predominantly free verse and I do admire anyone who can write rhyming verse – especially when it’s this good.


  7. Oh Michael… what a lovely compliment! Praise indeed and especially coming from a poet of your calabre. It has made my day. ☺️


  8. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing your talent
    moll x


  9. Jenny Colquhoun said:

    It was so beautiful of you to write this for us we will treasure it always xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Lovely poem Wendy.


  11. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem Wendy. Every line is beautiful.


  12. Wow! A comment from you Joel. Thank you so much for leaving this compliment – I appreciate it immensely.


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