Big drum roll folks! Yes, yours truly has been nominated for the Liebster Award! It is my second award and my thanks go to Art by Robert Goldstein for his nomination. Rob is so very generous and encouraging and often tweets my posts to his numerous (and I mean ‘numerous’) followers.

liebster3What exactly is the Liebster Award you ask? Good question Watson! I had no idea, although, I must confess I was thrilled to be nominated for anything.

So, I put my trusty sleuth cap on and went on an investigative spree. First and foremost, I committed a faux pas by misspelling the award – Leibster instead of Liebster and then had to confess to my family and friends that I knew nothing else about this award.

Here is what I’ve learnt on my research via other blogs. This purely online award is given by peer or fellow bloggers to other new or near-new bloggers. In other words, it is encouraging writers, particularly the established bloggers who enjoy reading the works of other writers, to take the next step by showing their appreciation and recognition of the entertaining or informative, written work of fellow bloggers, by nominating them. Hope that made sense!

The word ‘Liebster’ is German in origin and generally means: nice, kind, beloved, my love, sweetheart, dear one, loved one, cute, sweet and/or words of endearment. My understanding is that a blogger is spreading the ‘love’ of your written work by promoting it to others.

We are under no obligation to accept the award but if we do, we ‘pay it forward’ by nomination five or more fellow writers for the award. That done, we then follow the Rules!


  1. Ensure you thank the blogger who nominated you. (check)
  2. Explain the rules (check)
  3. Nominate (5 or up to 11) other bloggers, especially up-coming or new bloggers
  4. Answer the questions posed by your nominator
  5. Be creative and direct your own questions (5 or up to 11) to your nominees
  6. Display the award on your blog (oh yes!) by copying and pasting the award on your blog post
  7. Ensure you notify the bloggers you’ve nominated and hyper-link their blog titles on your post

Here are Robert’s five questions to me (and some are quite-serious ones), followed by my responses.

  1. Q. What was the most difficult moment of the past year?
  1. I had a health scare and had to go for some pretty painful checks/tests. Fortunately, after a few suspenseful weeks, I received the all-clear.
  1. Q. Re-blogging: how do you decide what to re-blog and when?
  1. I have not re-blogged any posts ‘yet.’ I imagine I will when I find a post I feel is imperative to spread to others.
  1. Q. How is adulthood different from what you imagined it as a child?
  1. I must confess I was an avid reader and also a day-dreamer as a child. I pictured life as a beautiful fairy-tale with touches of magical moments. Although life is anything but magical, I think I’ve taken the good and the not-so-good quite well in my stride. I’ve often wondered on hind-sight, how I managed to cope with the set-backs, disappointments and shocks and I think (generally-speaking and fortunately) a positive outlook often helps me to spring back to equilibrium. I adhere to the adage that what has happened, like the proverbial ‘spilt-milk’, can’t be undone but I can certainly move-on by focussing on making the best of the situation, improving myself or learning from it, or helping others to cope and supporting them.
  • Q. I saw this question asked on Facebook: Would you give up social networking to save a relationship?
  • I can honestly say that my life is too busy to spend hours on networking and days can go by without my looking or checking on my Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In sites. So hopefully, there is no relationship to be saved from a ‘social networking-addiction’ standpoint.


  1. Q. What is your greatest hope as we enter 2016?
  1. While I want the best for my family and also pray for the continued haven of safety that our country and democracy provides, my underlying wish is that the issue of human and sex-trafficking becomes, like polio (for want of a better example), a thing of the past. Children must be protected, loved and cared for by every person that comes into their lives. Women and young girls are the vessels for the future of mankind and must be treated with respect and be cherished as such. And men also need protection from trafficking abuse. I hope the politicians we vote for will endeavour to uphold the wellbeing of all men, women and children, irrespective of whether they are citizens or not and will do their best to influence other nations to care for the welfare of their own citizens instead of mistreating and abusing them. This sounds like ‘a pie-in-the-sky’ hope/wish but as Lao Tsu said, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step,’ and we can, each of us, do our best to promote goodwill towards others.


My five nominees are:liebster

  1. A Life Worth Living For (https://www.facebook.com/alifeworthlivingfor/)
  2. Tribe 53 (Afrika Bohemian)
  3. Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth (https://rockandrollsupermom.wordpress.com/)
  4. Weaver Grace (http://weavergrace.com/)
  5.  Big Red Carpet Nursing (http://bigredcarpetnursing.com/)

My Questions to my five nominees:

  1. What is your strength – talking or writing?
  2. If you were granted a wish, what would it be?
  3. Who is your mentor and why?
  4. Which do you prefer, savoury or sweets?
  5. Name your favourite book (or author) and tell me why you like it.

I received the Liebster Award nomination just as the New Year began so it was a great start to 2016 for me. Thank you Rob for nominating me!

© Wendy Robinson January 2016

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Comments on: "Hey, Hey – The Liebster Award!" (9)

  1. Ann Tearrell said:

    AWESOME!!!!!! Congratulations my dear friend, this is cause for lunch and browse around Newton!!!!! I’m relatively free next week, but away 2nd Feb for 4 days, we are off to Blue mountains …then off to UK 1st March returning 16th April, Chris returning 24th March…I’m having mum and daughter time plus mum and sons time..I need this, and Chris understands….lol gives him “oh I miss my women” time We are good here in St Leonards Take care, looking forward to hearing from you and catching up mon ami xxxxx


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved the answers to your questions….you were honest and it comes through….:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Rob. I must admit, I do get nervous about revealing more of myself but sometimes we need to do so. I was startled to see your questions but decided to go ahead and just answer them. You are honest with your writings and at times, very brave – so you’re an inspiration.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for answering the questions…

        I am a product of the marathon encounter groups that were so popular in the early 70’s. I was a 16 year old volunteer for a suicide prevention line and part of the training was to get together in groups and talk about the things that seemed the most shameful — and then we let people challenge and question us. It left me with the ability to talk about almost anything…


  3. Woah dats wonderful :))

    Liked by 1 person

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