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To Cherish and To Love

27 women have lost their lives in domestic-related homicides in the last 12 months, in New South Wales alone. Law-enforcement officers have had to deal with over 28,000 reports of domestic violence in that period.

Domestic violence affects people of any age, social standing, race, culture or religion.white-ribbon-day

We are half way through the White Ribbon Day’s 16 days of activism.

My first poem touched on mental and psychological abuse and this poem is about physical abuse.


To Cherish and To Love

Please don’t touch me, don’t bother

I know you’re the alpha male

It has to only be your way

Or you strike and you wailwhiteRibbonImage_smallpleasestop


Belittling me so constantly

You erode my confidence

I’m never up to your standards

Yet I try without pretense


I live in fear of your wrath

You explode without cue

Your criticism and rants

Are known as verbal abusepunch


There are times when peace reigns

You’re my man, my knight

Who’d believe you could change

In a sudden twist of a knife


Do you know you hurt me

When you shove me so hard

I’m sure you don’t mean it

You’re remorseful afterward


It’s getting violent and dangerous

You’re frightening the kids

It’s just between you and me

Don’t go further than thisabuse1-454272


Do you realise you’re a bully

Picking on a child

I try to deflect your aim

While you lose it and go wild


A sign says Home sweet home

And is the placard on the wall

Our home is not a haven

It’s a cover of black pallhome-sweet-home1


We whisper when you’re around

To disturb you earns a rush

Of cusses and broken bones

When a noise disturbs the hush


They have to leave this hell

Please, oh please, please no

Please don’t use the gun

We promise we won’t go.


It’s Officer Q from homicidepledgewr

The little girl just won’t make it

The mum is a mess beside her

The brother’s been fatally hit


Baby in the cot is barely alive

The family pet fought hard

It didn’t take us long to find

The culprit hiding in the yard


The camera pans at the framed

Sign leaning all askew

Home Sweet Home, it seemed to mock

This is the 6 o’clock news!


(C) Wendy Robinson October 2015

Never believe that a few, caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have. ~ Margaret Mead

The latest domestic violence report has hit the news with the murder of an Australian mother in Florida. Link: http://www.kidspot.com.au/parenting/real-life/in-the-news/horrific-news-about-aussie-mum-on-white-ribbon-day

Disclaimer: All the above photos are courtesy of the White Ribbon Day images and other sites on the net. My thanks go to the various photographers.



Comments on: "To Cherish and To Love" (8)

  1. Such an awful thing! Glad you are able to speak out with your blog.


    • Thank you for commenting Marissa! I actually learnt a lot when I was studying for my Communication/journalism/media degree. I interviewed a woman who discovered a hidden and silent endemic among the upper social set. The women face abuse but keep quiet as their husbands have high- power jobs, which they could likely lose if the scandal erupted. Their children also could not face the BASIC provisions offered at shelters, nor the fact that it would mean leaving their elitist schools and life style – so the women return to further abuse and even death.
      The woman said that this was new to the social workers and that they have to deal with it on a different plane and had to adopt a new set of strategies. I certainly learnt a lot.


      • Wow, that’s kind of crazy! I don’t know why but I always think of domestic abuse affecting poorer families, but I guess even at that level, money is always a consideration…and the more of it, the more there is to consider!


  2. Wow, this brought tears me eyes! Thank you for your courage in sharing this!


    • You’ve paid me a beautiful compliment – my poem touched you so I thank you! I think the courageous ones are the women who have and are still suffering abuse. I hope these posts can help victims and their loved ones to keep fighting and to find their voice and speak out. Thank you for commenting Shauna!

      Liked by 1 person

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