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The Cycle of Life

Seasons come and Seasons go!FourSeasonsTrees

Life an ever-changing ebb and flow

With cycles of high and of low

A mixture of joy and of sorrow


Birth continues the cycle of life

With high hopes it’s without strife

Mothers dream of an existence that’s idealAfricanMotherandChild

While fathers hope for a future that appeals


Love underpins the cyclical game

The child blesses the union in expected frame

Whilst death brings finality in its wake

Much can happen with a lot at stake.


The purpose is to bear fruit or breed

Generations continue through the seed

Mankind is programmed to procreate

He has a chance when he selects a mate


His chances then multiply through rearing a sonShadowfatherandson

To carry his genes when the race is won

He has little choice in all that’s given

As it has been ordained by what’s driven


To increase and multiply is mankind’s role

Primeval needs and attraction seal the goal

A simple enough equation for man and for beast

From birds to bees, from the large to the leastHands


Life continues this immemorial theme

Some are planned, some are hit-miss schemes

It is natural as the day is long

The cycle of life is nature’s continual song


(C) Wendy Robinson August 2015

It may be said, in broad-brush terms, that the primary purpose of life is the continuation of life. A deep program for survival and reproduction underwrites the complex cycles of life, in which death is the grand equalizer. ~ Richard J. Borden, Ecology and Experience: Reflections from a Human Ecological Perspective

Disclaimer: The beautiful photos used are from the internet. My thanks go to the respective photographers.


Comments on: "The Cycle of Life" (8)

  1. That is so beautiful. I just love the way the poem just flowed. Great!!


  2. I have just written one of my darkest yet (I’ll email it to you) and then found this – really lightened me up again – it’s beautiful Wendy


  3. Gosh – thank you Michael! That is praise indeed coming from you. Looking forward to reading your poem.


  4. Afrika Bohemian said:

    I love this poem, it is full of hope and life, I like to think of life this way as a beautiful circle that does not end…you also give significance to existence because sometimes it can all feel so mundane


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