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Dancing In the Rain


Embracing life

The love of living

Breathing, swaying, leaping,

Dashing through the rain

And feeling the spinning drops

Cascade off her face


 And soak into the

Dripping, clinging, tendrils

And falling onto kissable lips

And making its way in rivulets

Through liquefied elixir

Of breathtaking wonder

And glorious bliss

To smile and laugh aloud

In secret surrender

And behold the reason

For her unmistakable joy.


© Wendy Robinson July 2015

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. ~ Vivian Greene

Disclaimer: The photographs used are from the internet. My thanks go to the various photographers.

I love the rain and have danced during a monsoon downpour. If you’ve never done it, try dancing in the rain. It is exhilarating! I guarantee, you will laugh with joy.

Let me know if you have or please leave a comment.


Comments on: "Dancing In the Rain" (17)

  1. I see that you, too, have been away from your blog for a while. I like this return.

    You remind me of how much I enjoy looking at our driveway during downpours. I remember when my 2 youngest kids were teenagers, and ran out in their bathing suits to dance in the stream of water that ran down the pavement. When I find myself caught in the rain, especially while working in my garden, I am surprised by how good it feels.

    I like reinterpreting experiences that could be considered unpleasant into “liquefied elixer”.

    My best wishes to you always.

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  2. Wendy, this is awesome. The poetry is beautiful and the pics match so well. I’ve long dreamed of being with a loved one dancing in the rain (and maybe a little kiss.) 😀
    Someday, someday….

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  3. Wonderful to see this dancing post, Wendy.


  4. Great poem with lovely use of descriptive words – Jeanne often talks about the rain festival back home so will show her this and I’m sure she will love it.


  5. Wendy, this is really beautiful..

    “To smile and laugh aloud

    In secret surrender” – breathtaking )


  6. Wendy, I’ll have some of what you’re having! 🙂

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  7. so nice


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