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The Roller Coaster Ride


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  1. Gerry OConnor said:

    Wendy., roller coaster rides are NOT my fun – just watching it on TV makes me sick and dizzy.I do not go to these places or ride them !I am sure the after affects of the ride, there must be some mental problem that could occur as the brain got shaken up during those dreadful turns !

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    • Great to hear from you A. Gerry! I haven’t been on a roller coaster for some years and no doubt, fans of the ride expect more thrills for their dollar. Thank you for stopping by. 😋


  2. Not sure I would like to go on a roller coaster any more and yet I would love to try a parachute drop – anyway this really brings to life the experience of it all – love the effect with the photo in the background – works so well.

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    • Thank you Michael! I must say it is my first foray in attempting the use of a backdrop photo while superimposing a drop-box of text within it. I AM delighted with the result. So much to learn but wonderful to explore and more so that there are so many tools available and all we have to do is to DARE and try and persevere at the task. 😋

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  3. Should have added: love the poem too. They are great fun to write and I must type up some of my old batch – they are currently in scribble and mostly limericks.

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  4. Awesome poem Wendy. Very fun to read as it took me on a ride!




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