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Primordial Instinct

Eyes alert in breathless anticipation

The stance motionless and patient

CheetahWaitingWhile eagerly scanning the scene

With telescopic steadiness

In a wild and salivating hunger

The Cheetah steadies itself for the kill


The heartbeat accelerates and yet beats

Rhythmically within the broad chest of the

Beast lying in wait for its prey

CheetahLeapingCrouching in readiness for the dash

It accelerates in rapid motion

With muscles stretched in elongated stride


It launches itself in a graceful arc

Upon the helpless prey

Sinking its unrelenting jaws

CheetahVictimIn a powerful unforgiving vice

Its bloodlust quenched and slaked in the

Dying embrace of its hapless victim


(C) Wendy Robinson March 2015


The instinct of brutes and insects can be the effect of nothing else than the wisdom and skill of a powerful, ever-living agent. ~ Isaac Newton

Disclaimer: The photos are courtesy of the internet and are not my own work.


Comments on: "Primordial Instinct" (3)

  1. Nice one Wendy – really captures the excitement and movement of the kill.


  2. I’ll email my latest


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