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Meeting Molly Ringwald

The line curved across the cavernous room of Sydney Town Hall, where my friend Christina Jane (CJ) and I were queued up to get our books signed by Molly Ringwald. Yes, THE Molly Ringwald of the iconic movies Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink.

I have yet to meet anyone who disliked Sixteen Candles, and Molly not only shone but cemented her status in Hollywood with that movie. I enjoyed it immensely, but I personally feel Molly also excelled in The Alison Gertz Story, a portrayal of a true-life socialite whose world crumbles when she is diagnosed with aids.

Back to the signing! Fortunately, we were only a third of the way from the beginning of the line, due solely to my canny friend rushing us out of the auditorium, in anticipation of the queue. While standing in line, I started to feel overwhelmed at meeting Molly, and the term, ‘star-struck,’ aptly applied to my situation.

As the line drew nearer to the table where Molly sat, I tried to think of something, ‘cool,’ to say to her. Gushing was out of the question, as I was certain she would have heard her fans exclaim over and over again, their love of her movies. Thinking furiously, I noted CJ having a quick word to the administrative staff ushering people along the queue.

I marvelled at CJ’s easy chat with Molly, who was looking up, smiling and responding. Christina Jane then passed her phone to the usher, who took two shots of them smiling together. Thinking quickly, I asked if I could have my photo taken as well. I then felt a hand guiding me to the table and panic set in. In a bemused manner, I just managed to give Molly my name but gave up trying to talk to her. How could I be so mute at a time like this?

The usher took a quick shot of me standing in front of the table but I did not get a close-up with her and felt too embarrassed to ask for one. It was all over in a flash (excuse the pun), and we were duly moved on.

Prior to the signing event, we sat facing the stage in silence, listening to Molly being interviewed, in the auditorium. Her natural charm and easy manner was notable, as she responded to questions about her book and her life.

When It Happens To You,’ is Molly’s second book, after ‘Getting The Pretty Back,’ and we were all here for the second book.

Molly’s writing style is easy and yet captivating and her characters, with their flaws and their strengths, grow and become likable as the story progresses. The reader can relate to the nuances of relationships within families and the turmoil and tide of emotions that sweep the characters on their respective journeys. The reader will also find that her characters ‘ring true,’ and that is the mark of a gifted writer.

Since Molly Ringwald is less likely to read this, I can gush to my heart’s content. Like the dashing Hugh Jackman (today’s his birthday), the entertainment accolade of ‘triple treat,’ that is, the combined talent of acting, singing and dancing, can be applied to Ms Ringwald. Molly has acted in Hollywood films, but did you know she speaks French fluently and has acted in several French language movies?

Her first love is Jazz and she has sung and released her own CDs. The last gift is dancing and Molly’s stage performances include Annie, Cabaret and Sweet Charity.

Molly however, has a fourth gift and that is her penmanship. Take a bow, author, Molly Ringwald!

© Wendy Robinson

He writes so well he makes me feel like putting my quill back in my goose. ~ Ring Lardner (1885-1933)

Writing is the hardest work in the world. I have been a bricklayer and a truck driver, and I tell you … as if you haven’t been told a million times already .. that writing is harder. Lonelier! And nobler and more enriching. ~ Harlan Ellison


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  1. Have always enjoyed Molly’s performances since The Breakfast Club, Did not realise she was that talented, wow! Thanks for sharing.


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