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One of life’s conundrums

Why is it that women in general, carry their handbag and an additional tote, yet, men appear to carry little or nothing wherever they go? Just scan a crowd on any given day and see how many men are carrying any sort of bag or backpack. How do they manage?

Getting ready for work one day, I peered out the window to check the skies and spotted a man hurrying past. Yes, he was dressed in the obligatory shirt, tie and pants. I couldn’t help noticing, despite the overcast conditions, that he carried no umbrella and no briefcase.

Leaving the house, I check my rather heavy handbag to ensure the two essential items are in it, that is, my purse and my mobile. I automatically take my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tote, a souvenir of my visit to the stage musical, ‘Mary Poppins.’

Checking out the station platform, I spy several acquaintances, all female! And yes, they are carrying a handbag and also a carry bag! Hale, fellow travellers, well met!!

Scanning the crowd, I also notice several men in suits, carrying briefcases. There are however, several standing, sans any bags.

Once on board, I scrutinise my handbag. A tick for my well-worn purse! Men need their wallets too! Another tick for my brush! If a man owns a comb, he may rarely use it, especially given the current trend towards the bald, Jean Luc Picard look. A definite tick for my iPhone! Men would also not part with this essential communication device.  And no doubt both sexes carry pens.

Perhaps the next few items define the differences between the sexes. A packet of tissues, cleaning cloth for my sunnies, the rather large carry case with said sunnies, a case for my credit cards, a case for business cards, the house keys, the car keys, some receipts, a mini nailfile, a lipstick in a case, an atomiser and my train ticket. Men could well do without most of those items, apart from the house keys and car keys.

I then check my tote. The umbrella sits in there. It is a mini one but it takes up quite a bit of space. It also includes the current novel I’m reading, some papers I have to read, a spare envelope, my note pad, a lunch box, an apple, and a health bar. I guess most men can manage without all of those articles.

I’ve been told that men find women’s handbags a mystery zone and are reluctant to touch them. Now that I’ve seen how much I carry, I fear them as well.

© Wendy Robinson

Life is a journey, not a guided tour. ~ Anon


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