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A catching ability

How many of us have a distinctive trait that we’re unaware is a talent until we learn that only a finite group of people have it; it is taken away from us, or we learn or are told it is unique?

I’m not talking about a gift or talent such as painting, or composing music, or playing a musical instrument, or performing or any of those artistic endeavours. I’m talking about being able to accomplish something without much effort or practice, being able to do it without thought and being able to do it naturally. In other words, it is a trait that one is generally born with. Yes, we can thank our genes or our ancestors for these qualities, some dubious, some not, that we exhibit quite easily.

I only appreciated in the past couple of years that I have a knack of doing something that not everyone is able to do as capably.

I hope by now, you’re intrigued.

I learnt that I have the knack of (big drum roll here) catching anything that falls down or within the range that I can reach, and I do have long arms.

Many is the time when glass, cups, food jars, packets, objects, keys, toys, pens, money or other items too numerous to name, have fallen and I’ve managed, within the blink of an eye, to catch it in mid-fall.

Sometimes, and this has happened on a number of occasions, I’ve actually ended up almost grasping the falling object, to have it knocked and fall away once more in mid-air, or even tumble several times, and then triumphantly snatching it before it hits the ground.  Then, of course, the combination of exhilaration and adrenalin surges through and, with a big grin, I mutter to myself ‘I’ve still got it!’ Although my family have seen it occur time and time again, generally, there are no witnesses around when it happens.

The dexterity or quick ‘eye-hand’ co-ordination was just par for the course. In other words, I had and have been able to do it quite unconsciously and it became so commonplace that I rarely gave it a thought.

Until … I was one day, browsing in a book shop in a shopping mall. I was deeply engrossed in reading the blurb on the back of a book, when something started to fall within my peripheral vision. Without conscious thought, my reflexes immediately came into play and I managed to reach way out and grab the falling book.

‘That was brilliant! How did you do that?’ said a voice in total awe. Caught off guard, I turned to look blankly at the book shop owner who was standing behind his cash machine, staring straight at me with his face registering astonishment.

It took a few seconds for me to realise that he was referring to my action of catching the book. Having the trait almost all my life, I couldn’t understand why he was making a big deal of it, and now that I’m recalling the incident, I realise that I turned away in a confused manner without responding to his question. If you by any chance ever get to read this entry, manager of Dymock’s books, please forgive my rudeness. You definitely surprised me with your exclamation.

It was only when I related the incident after yet another juggling act of catching a falling bottle on its second twist and spin, did it dawn on me that I had a capability that was perhaps, out of the ordinary. This latest act was witnessed by family and friends who all cheered at the feat and someone dubbed it a ‘ninja skill.’

To close, I have to admit I can’t crochet, nor can I swim (you heard correctly, I can’t swim L) and although I can sort-of sew and knit, it takes me years to finish what I start. So there you go readers, it’s only a peculiarity but it appears I have a flair for catching and saving falling objects. J

Please share with me anything that you can do that is unusual and is nevertheless, an accomplishment.

© Wendy Robinson

I have learnt that I am me, that I can do the things that, as one might put it, me can do, but I cannot do the things that me would like to do. ~ Agatha Christie

 There is something that is much more scarce, something rather than ability. It is the ability to recognise ability. ~ Robert Half


Comments on: "A catching ability" (2)

  1. Graeme Jolliffe said:

    It just proves that no matter how hard we work at something we might not achieve what we set out to do,Love your work wendy


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